Offense/Defense, A Personal Financial Planning Strategy


Most of our clients are great on their financial “offense” – they are dedicated high-level professionals who earn significant wealth through their income. But, most often, these same people do not have a strong financial “defense”. They can spend their money without even realizing it, on both frivolous expenses and through Autopay events for items that are no longer used.

But the question, “where does all my money go each month?” should never be a rhetorical one.

So, if you’ve looked at your finances and wondered why you have no expendable income, maybe it’s time to categorize your spending and set a real budget. You would be surprised on how much of your hard-earned money disappears on frivolous expenses. By categorizing your expenses, you can quickly determine your FIXED expenses from your DISCRETIONARY expenses. Minimize that discretionary spending in order to build your wealth through savings and investing. Eliminate autopay for things that you no longer use.

Seem overwhelming? We can help. Our team has plenty of “plays” to help your offense and defense work together for you. Give us a call to get started.