As Jerry Addeo and Tom Watts discuss, you don’t need to have the wealth of a Rockefeller to benefit from a Family Office financial planning model.  Oftentimes, our Family Office clients require multi-generational support and guidance, allowing us to be a true financial partner each step of the way.

We are proud to offer an integrated Family Office management model with professionals who counsel on the many life changes that impact your unique financial journey.  Even though our roots are in Tax and Accounting, we’ve made strategic changes to our organization that extend our unique level of professionalism and dedication to our Personal Financial Services department.  Multiple teams, both internal and external, work SEAMLESSLY to deliver a complete wealth management experience.

We don’t PLAN for you; we GUIDE you through the unique situations of your life as a collaborative partnership by providing objectivity, helping to lessen emotional responses in decision-making with clear impartial guidance and advice.  This Family Office model is an on-going endeavor where the frequency of our interaction can vary based on what is happening in YOUR life.  As certain situations arise, quarterly correspondence may be inadequate – at times, monthly or even weekly conversations are necessary to provide proper advice and guidance.  Life is a constant adaptation and your financial life plan should be as well.