“Family Office” Style Financial Life Planning

Exceptional Financial Planners deal with so much more than finances.  They are true “family office” managers who counsel on the many life changes that impact your unique financial journey.

They specialize in YOU, not your investments.

They take on the roles of multiple professionals. They are counselors, life coaches, educators, therapists, financiers, legal aides, mediators, accountants, organizers, researchers, and trusted advisors – for EVERY ONE of their clients.


We, at WealthEdge, feel that the term Financial Planning only scratches the surface.  After all, it is not about your finances, it is about your financial LIFE – it is not about how you make your money; it is about what your money is going to do FOR YOU.  We don’t PLAN for you; we GUIDE you through the unique situations of your life as a collaborative partnership.  What drives us? – YOUR goals, YOUR ideas, YOUR plans and YOUR objectives.

WealthEdge Financial Life Advisors are truly exceptional.  We don’t just look at one aspect of your life and how that impacts your financial plan.  We take an essential and necessary “step back” to see the bigger picture of your overall needs.  We ask the necessary questions regarding your personal goals for your future. We evaluate and establish an evolving organic plan that addresses all of the unique situations in your life.

Most of the mistakes that people make regarding finances happen during a big life transition.  It is extremely difficult to remain objective in emotional situations. We provide that objectivity, helping to lessen emotional responses in decision-making with clear impartial guidance and advice.

Some of situations where we offer guidance include:

  1. Personal relationship changes – marriage, birth of a child, divorce, beneficiary changes, etc.
  2. Familial changes – retirement, education savings, long-term planning for children with special needs, buying a home, elder care, inheritance issues, long-term nursing facility care, etc.
  3. Estate and Succession Planning – assess your estate planning needs by establishing a working relationship with attorneys regarding the necessary legal & financial matters for estate plans, succession plans, multi-generational wealth transfer, etc.
  4. Personal wealth strategies – protecting wealth through proper risk management strategies based on your specific needs, allowing your money to work for you with detailed, evolving investment portfolio strategies, tax preparation and planning, savings, debt management, etc.
  5. Small Business strategic planning – in collaboration with your CPA, we assess and offer guidance with business formation considerations, benefits & compensation, retirement plans (such as 410K, stock options, etc.), tax planning, succession and/or expansion plans, etc.

These topics only scratch the surface – each client brings unique situations that require a thoughtful, educated conversation, leading to in-depth collaborative solutions.

Financial Life Guidance is an on-going endeavor where the frequency of our interaction can vary based on what is happening in YOUR life.  As certain situations arise, quarterly correspondence may be inadequate – at times, monthly or even weekly conversations are necessary to provide proper advice and guidance.  Life is a constant adaptation and your financial life plan should be as well.

At WealthEdge, we have set a high-bar for what a true Financial LIFE Advisor should be.

Does your current financial team measure up?

If not, the next question should not be “Can I afford this?”; it should be “How can I NOT?”

Let us help you – we can offer a second opinion on your current financial plan and alert you to any gaps.  We will work hard to form a lasting collaborative partnership to bridge those gaps – giving you the knowledge and guidance to make informed decisions for your overall Wealth Management throughout the course of your life.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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