Welcome to Financial Accountability


Knowledge is the key that opens the door of opportunity. You have striven to provide multiple opportunities to educate your children – whether through formal education or necessary life-lessons. But do your children have the financial education that they need to make decisions that can help their overall Wealth Management?  Are they educated with investment strategies, financial planning and all the tax implications that may follow?   Do they understand the basic and fundamental concepts of accounting and why it is important?  Do they understand the importance of budgets and planning for their future?  Often times, people feel intimidated by the financial terms and jargon associated with the industry.  However, that shouldn’t prevent them from learning about THEIR wealth and how to build, protect and eventually, transfer it.

Whether you are looking to transfer your wealth or just looking for the peace of mind that your children understand and can apply common financial concepts to their own wealth, WealthEdge® is excited to offer a new educational resource to anyone who feels “financially challenged”. Additionally, WealthEdge® will be offering a new educational service called WealthEdge® SoundCheck, designed to help young professionals, or anyone in a transitional stage of life, get their personal financial “house” in order for the purpose of making informed and educated financial decisions.  The education resource and the SoundCheck program will be available beginning October 1st.

Most of the younger generation categorically lack the financial education necessary to make smart wealth management decisions. Time and again, we have been told by our clients, both young and old, that they wish they had learned more about financial subjects in High School or in College. These topics aren’t taught as a general education, and yet they are a NECESSARY component to understanding the key ways to protect, grow and transfer your wealth.

Our newest “program”, SoundCheck, is designed to educate and inform, using key financial concepts and clear language. We, at WealthEdge®, pride ourselves with building strong relationships, based on a mutual respect and trust.  But, as anyone will tell you, trust is VERY different from blind faith.  We want all of our clients to be as educated as possible with their overall Wealth Management.  Educated clients help us to begin a dialog where we can understand where you are with your financial life, where you are going and what your overall financial goals are.  By learning the language of the financial industry, you become a KEY COMPONENT with the rest of your financial team.

The SoundCheck program will begin with access to our team of professionals for one month, for a small fee.   We will meet with you and review your personal financial documents, answer any general questions and create a personalized information packet detailing your overall financial health  -showcasing areas in which you may be lacking, and suggesting things to consider in the future.  It is NOT a financial plan – IT IS A CENTRALIZED INFORMATION PACKET THAT DETAILS ALL OF YOUR WEALTH MANAGEMENT STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES.

These two new campaigns are designed to be used together, but they can also be used independently. Not ready for a personal financial start-up?  That’s fine – use the educational topics to become more confident in your financial literacy.  Our goal is to educate and enlighten a generation of young professionals to understand that being in control of your wealth management is an excellent path to financial security, by tackling the financial topics that are necessary for protecting wealth, building wealth and transferring wealth – while minimizing the jargon usually associated with financial professionals.

Welcome to the first steps of Financial Accountability. We don’t want to be the wealth management team that handles your financial matters FOR you, WE WANT TO HANDLE THEM WITH YOU – giving you a shared accountability for YOUR financial decisions.