How are your investments prepared?


Believe it or not, investment strategists are a lot like chefs – they can all use the same recipe but yield VERY different results.

Most investment strategies these days are generated by some sort of risk analysis software. Tell us your risk tolerance and we’ll give you a portfolio.  But, sometimes, a “one size fits all”  approach doesn’t take into account the other factors regarding your overall wealth.  Sometimes, incorporating a few special ingredients can transform a standard dish into a gourmet masterpiece.

A successful investment portfolio really comes down to the relationship that you have (or don’t have) with your financial investment advisor. Ask yourself these few questions :  Do you know your financial advisor’s name?  Does he/she know yours?  Do they know any personal information about you? Do they know your financial goals?  Is he/she proactive about your investments? Do they reach out periodically to see if anything has changed or do they rely on you?

Communication is essential in every relationship and your investment strategy is certainly no different. You may be perfectly fine using the investment services that you currently have in place, but wouldn’t you like an impartial opinion to put your mind at ease?  Everyone does well in an up market, but how will you fare when the market has a downturn?  We can help you know.

WealthEdge® Investment Advisors, LLC would like to offer a second opinion to anyone regarding their portfolios. Bring in your investment portfolio for ANY brokerage accounts and our investment team will give you a thorough evaluation and offer our suggestions.

There is absolutely no further obligation for this offer – we just want to make sure that your money (and your investment advisor) is working for your best interests.

After all, sometimes a new chef can bring an old recipe to life with just a few added ingredients.


Here is Fahad Hasan, CFA® to discuss Investments and Artificial Intelligence: