There are few things in life more stressful than having “The Talk” with your kids:
What if they ask something that you don’t know?

We realize how hard that can be, but we also know how important that conversation is.

We are here to help you start that conversation about finances with your kids.

…..Um, what did you think we were talking about?

We talk to our kids about sex and drugs, but not about how to make sound financial decisions.

So, before they head Back to School (or even Back to Work), it’s time for “The Talk”….

Teaching our kids basic financial concepts and terms is as important as teaching them about the “birds and bees”. Give them the knowledge to understand key terms that can help with everyday financial items like loans and credit cards – and help them avoid falling “victim” to unscrupulous professionals.

If you are still uncomfortable having this conversation, consider trying SoundCheck – our new program for young professionals, ages 25 to 35, to gain financial accountability. We will help them create budgets and net worth statements and define their short and long term goals. We will demonstrate to them that there are three components to wealth management – acquiring wealth, transferring wealth and protecting wealth – and suggest the best ways that they can cover all three. But most importantly, we are an impartial third party who will not judge. We will work WITH them to learn the skills and terms they need to become a true financial partner.

Because, who are we kidding, even though this is difficult, it may just be the most important talk you’ve ever had with them.