For most people, filing your tax return is just that – FILING.  They provide documents, review the numbers and sign at the bottom line.  But many of us don’t truly appreciate what it takes to PREPARE a tax return.  The US tax law has become onerous and complex, and at times, source documents alone can be up to a thousand pages, requiring a great deal of time to prepare.  It takes a skilled and dedicated team to prepare a complicated tax return and have it seamlessly “signature ready” for the client.

The Accounting team at WealthEdge®, headed by Stan Kagan, does just that – and so much more. We flourish with complicated tax situations that require on-going tax review and planning for both businesses and individuals.

Stan is truly an accounting “diamond in the rough” who has been working in the accounting field since his late teens.  He looks at complicated tax situations and loves finding working solutions to lessen tax burdens by leaving no stone unturned.

Tesla has Elon, Apple had Steve – we have Stan.