Financial plans are only as good as the financial planner behind them.  A lot of large brokerage firms have thrown their hats into the Financial Planning ring, but most of them focus mainly on investments.  They may occasionally ask about your tax situation and passively inquire how you are.

Yandie Liautaud is NOT your average financial planner.  She is exemplary at listening to her clients’ needs, understanding their unique situation, asking tough questions, and offering REAL advice.  She explains each option available and details the expected outcomes.

If anything falls outside her expertise, she has a list of trusted professionals that can work with her to get you the answers you need.

At WealthEdge, our Financial Planning is a service that is continuous and on-going – it is NOT a “one-size fits all” approach.  Since life situations change over time, Yandie and her team have on-going, proactive conversations with each client to make sure that their plan is still working for them.

When your financial life gets hard to face, Yandie has your back.

Not all heroes wear capes.